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Certified Chimney Sweep Logo from the CSIA

 At Chimney-Tech Sweep & Dryer Vent Solutions ALL of our senior technicians have been passed the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep EXAM.  This means our technicians have passed both the NFPA 211 & International Residential Code Exams as well as completing the Chimney Safety Institute of America's National Chimney Sweep Training School. 

Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician


Unless otherwise stated, a Level I Inspection is limited to readily accessible areas of the chimney, structure and flue; lack of obstruction or combustible deposits in flue; basic appliance installation and connection.

- Level of cleanliness of venting system
- Verification that the flue is not blocked or significantly restricted or obstructed
- Appliance Clearance
- General condition of appliance
- Chimney or vent and its connector for general suitability for appliance
- Chimney or vent and its connector type, material, condition, clearance, joint security for support and stability, offset, rise & slope
- Check connector or vent connector accessories (barometric damper, damper, draft hood, heat reclaimer)
- Chimney liner for proper support
- Appropriateness of the chimney liner type for the appliance
- That the chimney liner is present and free of readily visible defects, distortion and spalling
- The the flue cleanouts are present and properly installed
- Condition of the wash when readily accessible
- That the chimney cap, if present, does not contribute to the flue blockage/restriction
- That the spark arrestor, if present, is not obstructed
- That the top installed damper, if present, does not obstruct the flue
- Wall pass-through general conditions
- That the connector is secure where it meets the wall pass-through, chimney or vent
- General condition of the hearth and hearth extension
- Hearth extension sizing
- General conditions of the hearth extension, fireplace facing, fire chamber, and smoke chamber, with special emphasis on tight-fitting joints between assemblies
- Type & condition of fire chamber lining
- Clearance to combustible trim and materials around fireplace opening
- Operation of closure of damper assembly
- Smoke chamber general conditions
- Smoke chamber accessibility
- Smoke chamber transition to flue
- The air circulation grilles (openings) around factory-built fireplaces are not blocked or restricted
- Freedom from rust or corrosion of readily accessible metal parts in factory built fireplaces and chimneys
- The mechanical draft systems are operable and free from rust and corrosion


Level II inspections includes all requirements of a Level I inspection as well as an inspection from the roof, basement and crawlspaces if they are accessible.

- Condition of the chimney
- Attic insulation shield for factory-built chimneys and factory-built fireplace chimneys
- Housing and shrouds for factory-built chimneys and factory-built fireplace chimneys
- Factory-built chimney support type
- Factory-built chimney and factory-built fireplace chimney assembled with appropriate parts; attached to appliance, clearances
- The venting system is properly sized for the appliance
- Height and dimensions of liner
- Installation and conditions of offsets in flue
- The unused openings (into flue) are properly sealed
- Construction of the wash
- Expansion joint between the flue & wash
- Condition of the flashing
- Condition of crickets when present
- Chimney connector or vent connector gauge (material thickness)
- Chimney and vent connector diameter is proper for the appliance(s) connected
- That the wall pass-through is properly installed with adequate clearances and installation details
- Chimney or vent connector configuration (appropriate dimensions for sizing and compared with vent or chimney
- Manifold sizing
- Combustion air supplied for fireplaces is in accordance
- Conditions of outside air inlets, outlets, and ducting
- Ash Dump
- Combustible framing/forms underneath hearths or hearth extensions of masonry fireplaces
- Fireplace opening size (Ratio w/ Flue) of masonry fireplaces
- Size of throat of masonry fireplaces
- Smoke chamber dimensions (angle/height) of masonry fireplaces
- Smoke chamber lining (parged, firebrick etc.) of masonry fireplaces
- Smoke shelf area of masonry fireplaces
- Factory-built fireplace brand, model and listing
- The factory-built fireplace glass doors and accessories (inserted items) are approved
- Factory-built fireplace hearth platform and covering


- Firestopping
- Debris in annular space of factory-built chimney and factory-built fireplace chimneys
- Masonry Foundation
- Masonry Foundation depth and dimension
- Masonry Foundation soil conditions
- The the space around the chimney liner is adequate
- That seismic requirements, where required, have been met
- Thickness of fireplace walls
- Clearance around fireplace walls
- Smoke chamber wall thickness
- Factory-Built Fireplace clearance
- That the factory-built fireplace hearth strip is properly installed
- That the factory-built installation is stable
- Connections between factory-built fireplace and its chimney
- Factory-built fireplace hearth extensions per manufacturers installation instructions including U valves.

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